Air Lift APV2 Kit: 2015-2019 Subaru WRX STi (VA)

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As the flagship performance model for Subaru, the STi packs a punch when it comes to tearing up asphalt or dirt. With the reputation and heritage that accompany a close involvement in the World Rally Championship for many years, Subaru owners expect their cars to perform well on any surface, in any weather. This is a serious performance machine that requires the best in suspension to keep it glued to terra firma.

Yes, there are plenty of suspension choices out there for Subarus…but the problem is, you have seen countless other incredible cars slammed to the ground, and you secretly long for that look for your Subi. Plenty of people out there think it’s wrong to bag a Subaru, because they think it will somehow degrade the sports sedan handling or make it ride like a marshmallow. Maybe you’re worried about this danger yourself…but still, that lowered stance is tempting.

Fear not—you really can have both a lowered look and unbeatable handling. Air Lift Performance has created the perfect suspension kit to tear up a racetrack or stop people dead in their tracks at a show. As the leader in aftermarket high-performance air suspension, we know what it takes to perfectly balance ride, handling and stunning good looks. The members of the engineering team involved in the design and development of these kits have over 35 years of road racing experience as drivers, engineers, and crew members. Performance is not just in our name, it’s in our blood.

What does it take to have such a versatile suspension? It all starts with having a strong foundation. In this case, that strong foundation is the struts: Air Lift uses 30-way adjustable, monotube struts with a serious range of damping adjustment that have been specially tuned to match the air springs.  Monotube construction is the preferred choice—both in racing and for us—for its sensitivity to small inputs and its great ability to shed heat when pushed to the limit. The 30 clicks of adjustment aren’t just for fun, but actually allow you, the user, to dial in your preferred handling, feel or desired ride quality. The range goes from super-stiff to really soft, adjusting rebound and compression simultaneously. The struts weigh considerably less than the coil spring parts you remove, reducing unsprung weight—a benefit to both ride and handling.

Another notable feature is the presence of adjustable camber plates on the front struts. This allows for easy, precise adjustment of the camber angle, making quick work of alignments for the road or the track. These plates are packed with high-quality, Japanese-manufactured spherical bearing bearings for long life and low noise. The rear shock assemblies utilize rubber-isolated upper mounts for smooth, quiet operation. These features are part of providing a total performance package for the customer.

What sets these struts apart from the coil crowd is the addition of our adjustable, progressive-rate air springs. These high-rate springs create a stable platform for aggressive track driving while providing a level of comfort not typically found with lowered suspensions. By using this progressive nature of air springs and maximizing available suspension travel, we are able to ride low without the punishing ride. And since they allow ride height to be adjusted with a button, no longer do you suffer the curses of static suspension lowness! Don’t put up with any more scraping against speed bumps or steeply angled drives. Raise it up as high as stock, so you can ride off-road without damaging the underbody—and think how easy it will be to load it on the trailer.

Having good components in a kit is important, but it is just as critical to make sure they work effectively together to give the desired result. Extensive testing at various race tracks has proven to be important in creating the proper handling balance. After hours of running hard at triple-digit speeds in a 550hp beast, we are certain of the remarkable toughness and durability of the parts!

That’s not all—before a kit makes it to the track, the components are torture-tested on our hydraulic test rig for over one million cycles, simulating a real-world 100,000 miles. As an ISO-9000-certified company, Air Lift Performance is committed to quality disciplines and continuous improvement in all areas.

Worried about installation? Every kit comes with a detailed instruction manual to guide you through all the steps. If you can install suspension or wire a stereo, then you have the skills necessary to install your new kit. If you have questions or a problem, our industry-leading customer service department will take good care of you.

The time has come, and there are no excuses. Haven’t you waited long enough to have it all?


Vehicle Fitment

      • 2015-2019 Subaru WRX (VA) (VA)
      • 2015-2019 Subaru WRX STi (VA) (VA)


        Installation Details

        • Modifications Req. Front: NONE
        • Modifications Req. Rear: NONE


            • APV2 Colored Backlight Screen Controller
              • (8) custom user-defined pressure based presets
              • Manual mode to individually control each corner
              • Easy to navigate and understand user interface
            • Fully integrated ECU and manifold
            • Rise on Start functionality
            • Compressor Wear-Down Test and Timer
            • Customizable Compressor ON/OFF Pressure Setting
            • Customizable RGB Controller Back Light  and Brightness
            • PSI or BAR Readings
            • Easy install


            Base APV2 Management Includes:

            • AutoPilot V2 Digital Controller
            • Integrated ECU + manifold
            • Advanced electrical wiring harness
            • 60 ft. of 1/4″ or 3/8" air line
            • Auto-draining inline water filter
            • All wiring, fuses, hardware, etc. required for installation



            AutoPilot V2 is the most advanced pressure-based air suspension control system on the market. Nobody gives you more features or easier installation. Complete kits available with everything you need for a professional installation.



            8 USER PRESETS

            Program your favorite ride heights and easily adjust suspension dynamics to compensate for additional passengers and cargo. Set one for “all up” one for “all down” and anywhere in between.




            Our patent pending integrated manifold and ECU assembly makes installation simple with OEM quality wiring harness and only 3 wires to hookup to your electrical system: power, ground and ignition. Features large 6mm valves, integrated pressure sensors, and available with 1/4″ & 3/8″ line configurations.




            AutoPilot V2 can be purchased with any of our air tanks in aluminum or steel. We also offer compressor upgrades and dual compressor options. Have a tank and compressor already? Then opt for one of our “no tank/no compressor” kits.



            EASILY EXPAND

            Add an additional compressor for faster tank fill time and even greater reliability. Just use our second compressor integration harness and a compressor of your choice.


            CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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