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Air Lift Performance is introducing the 3S management to give tuners the "Freedom to Form" and build their system from the ground up. The 3S is an entry level air management system that is fully upgradeable allowing a wide selection of setups.

The "S" stands for standalone.

Why and how would one utilize such a system?

As previously stated, it is an entry level air management, an essential to an air system. 

Air Lift Performance combined a classic and timeless system (manual valved FSBB) with modern technology that is not limited by developing the 3S.

It's not a system you want to upgrade from your current 3P or 3H, as that would be a downgrade.

It's designed to be a simple and affordable system without pressure sensors built-in to help gauge your height.

This was always a downside of manual managements before pressured based managements with presets were introduced.

Wiring of pressure sensors would be a mess with clusters and gauges hanging off your dash.

Air Lift Performance's ingenuity has breed a new preset feature without any pressure sensors by utilizing a timing based function that will essentially raise or lower your vehicle to the desired height by memorizing the milliseconds or seconds of air flow going in our out of the bags via the manifold.

Another question arises with the 3S though. Why entry-level when the AutoPilot V2, 3P and 3H are already the best?

Well, the AutoPilot V2, 3P and 3H are a premium management that's still well over $1,000. We're sure the 3S is out to go after the SwitchSpeed and VU4/VX4 Manifold combo as well. 

Stay tuned as we do a comparison on the features and pricing of the two! 

The release and ship date is TBD. Once more information is available, it will be emailed to you.


Air Lift Performance 3S 


Compatible Controllers for 3S System (Harness Versions)

  • Analog Switch Box (11 wire install) (e.g. AVS Switchbox)
  • Air Lift 3P / 3S Controller (3 wire + USB connector)
  • Air Lift AutoPilot V2 Controller (3 wire + JST connector)
  • iOS and Android 3S App (Bluetooth)



  • 3 Configurable Time-Based Presets via 3S App (Used to inflate/deflate bags with a double tap)
  • Allows for aftermarket pressure sensors in rear of manifold (Five 1/8" NPT ports for FL, FR, RL, RR, tank) (e.g. analog or digital gauges)
  • Compatible with aftermarket switchbox (Requires switchbox harness version)
  • Compatible with 4 corner FSBB air suspension controllers (12V activation with standard 8 trigger wires: FL Inflate, FL Deflate, FR Inflate, FR Deflate, RL Inflate, RL Deflate, RR Inflate, RR Deflate)
  • Free iOS and Android 3S Control App for all versions
  • Manually and individually inflate or deflate 4 air bags (No PSI pressure sensors or automated PSI presets)
  • Same manifold dimensions as 3P/3H
  • Upgradeable to 3H System (Requires 3H sensors and wiring)
  • Wake-On Bluetooth Function (Allows operation of system with ignition off. User can the wake system with mobile phone from outside of vehicle with a 1 minute inactivity power down feature)


Special Notes

  • Power kit, relay and pressure switch is required but not included. Air Lift Performance will be developing a power kit with relay and pressure for the 3S for DIY-installers. A professional and experienced installer will be able to source the power kit, relay and pressure upon installation.


What is Included

  • 3S Manifold
  • Wiring Harness
  • iOS and Android 3S Mobile App
  • AutoPilot V2 or 3P/3H Controller (If selected)
  • Installation Instructions


Manifold PTC Sizes: 1/4" NPT and 3/8" NPT
Max Operating Pressure: 200 PSI
Bluetooth Option: Built-In



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